Oh running out of tea! Also love the cat drawings. It’s as if we have the same three cats. At least it looks that way in the pictures.

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I had to laugh at this post Terry. When I first started reading the part about taking your brother to the vet. I thought what the heck?! You had me there for a sec.

Your haircut drawings are hilarious. I actually burst out laughing when I saw them. The one on the left reminds me of someone (not me).

On the suitcase front, forgetting it is a bit puzzling. Who forgets their suitcase? If you're going on a trip, you would think you would remember that you need clothes, etc. Maybe your mind was confused on that day.

That is a winner advertisement in my book. It wasn't what I was expecting to happen. That driver sure got what was due of him.

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You had me at "Claywork dune-light."

Ah this is so great. Writing letters to each on Substack -- beautiful!

I have catching up to do.

Also, great photo from Terry (not Rebecca -- oops, sorry!). Looks kind of brutalist in architectural style.

edit: forgot to say "Yes, another old advert!" Please keep those coming. The guy at the bus stop looks strangely familiar.

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I can barely type for laughing, Terry! What a great letter - I am honoured to receive it!

Highlights: haircut, cat brother, and the first reference to the wondrous beast the axolotl that I have yet seen in my nine-months-so-far inhabitation of Substack.

(Although I have met one in the flesh - not in its Central American habitat but in the Palm House at Kew Gardens. Cute as a button, as much as a squidgy ickle amphibian can be.)

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How I laughed - most of the way through - like a drain.

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